For Dealers

Requirements for our Dealers

(Revised 8/23/20 – subject to change at any time)

  1. A mask or face shield covering your nose and mouth is required at all times while in the convention center, restrooms, and hotel lobby for everyone over the age of 2 per State of New Hampshire Emergency Order #63.
  2. We realize that certain people may have a medical condition that does not allow them to wear masks. We will be making no exemptions to #1 above, so regretfully, you will have to visit us another time.
  3. Dealers visiting from out of state must self-quarantine at home for 14 days before visiting New Hampshire. The local hotels will ask you to sign papers saying you complied with this order when you arrive. The two week self-quarantine has been lifted for those traveling to New Hampshire from surrounding New England States (Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island). Changes to this policy can be found here.
  4. All tables will be a minimum of 6 feet apart (8 feet in most cases).
  5. For center tables, back up tables have been doubled so you will be at least 6 feet from the person behind you.
  6. Only one chair will be allowed in front of each table.
  7. Tables can be placed next to each other if you traveled together, are family members, or staying in the same guest room
  8. Only people that are under your direct employ, traveled together, family members, or staying in the same guest room are allowed behind your table.
  9. Vendors are required to have at their table alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  10. Frequently practice hand hygiene throughout the day, including upon arrival, before and after going to the restroom, before and after touching their face masks or face coverings, before and after touching merchandise, before and after eating, and prior to leaving the facility for the day.
  11. Please be aware of your environment when removing your mask to eat or drink. Try to be at least 6 feet away from others.
  12. Please bring any PPE you need with you; extra face masks, gloves, UV sanitizing wands, Plexiglas shields etc. We can arrange to have those items shipped to and from the hotel if needed.
  13. It is your responsibility to make sure everyone is properly wearing their masks while at your table, including retail customers. Please help us enforce this policy.

We will have safety officers throughout the facility enforcing these rules. Dealers will be asked to leave if you are unwilling or unable to comply.