About the EXPO & Photo Gallery

Our first New Hampshire Coin & Currency Expo was in 2003. Since then, we have been actively building the show, and it is now the biggest multiple day coin show in all of New England.

Dealers and collectors come from all over the East Coast to buy, sell and trade items of numismatic interest, as well as gold and silver bullion.

You do not have to be a collector or dealer to attend. Coins and currency were a valuable part of our Nation’s history. Come and simply look at the hundreds of cases of coins and currency our dealers bring, from the BC era to date, US and Foreign.

We offer guest speakers, as well as club meetings and exhibits.

We also offer free appraisals, so the public is encouraged to bring items of interest for a no pressure appraisal.

Note, our dealers are not allowed to purchase or sell scrap gold, silver or any other precious metals such as jewelry,  silver flatware, etc.

Check the site from time to time as it changes constantly before the show dates.


Empty Room


Soon to be full of tables